Architecture + Interior Design, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City
7 100 sq ft, Bungalow

Designed and built for a young couple living and working in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. The project begins with a brutally introspective approach. High walls are erected around the entire boundary due to security reasons while the lack of a pleasant surrounding necessitates that the views are internalised. These immediate responses coupled in tandem with the fact that all plots of residential land in Ho Chi Minh City are long and deep with a narrow frontage result in the Bar Code typology we have conceived for this project.

Bar Code Typology: Every space extends across the full width of the plot. The different spaces are then arranged linearly. Open air spaces such as the front porch, courtyard and rear garden are inserted to ‘break’ apart the heaviness of the internal spaces and to allow for cross ventilations and a variety of internalised views.

The project takes on a completely modern aesthetic. Clean lines, neat surfaces and a white & light palette are evident in the aesthetic crafting of this project. Aside from the externally mounted vertical timber screens to provide sun shading, timber is also used predominantly in the carpentry and furnishings all throughout the interiors.