Interior Design + Styling + Brand Communication
1 000 sq ft_Shophouse Restaurant

A 24 seater restaurant that is sited on Ann Siang Hill: a hip and upmarket enclave of bars, restaurants and cafes. SLING serves only fish and it boast a tagline revolving around living water. As such, we sought to imbue a light, casual and refreshing quality into the dining ambience.

Tiffany blue glass mosaics were used on a wall that runs the full length of the restarant. The bar counter and walls were crafted as elegant curves. The built in seatings, waiting areas and cabinets were merged seamlessly into the curves that flowed throughout the space. Projections of wave-like motions accentuate the sense of lightness and fluidity the project seeks to acheive. Background music of lapping waves complete this holistic experience.

SLING - A truly immersive and evocative experience.