Interiors + Styling
1 300 sq ft Apartment

For this modern chinese apartment we worked on, we explored with how our favourite modern chinese aesthetic can be reinterpreted with small burst of colour.

The living room design is conceived as a cosy and warm shell injected with impactful burst of colour. The contemporary box sofa from Autobahn is upholstered in a never done before maroon coloured leather while the rug underneath is in a custom specified pastel green. Sitting opposite and mounted on the TV console is an abstracted Chinese lattice screen finished in an exuberant orange. The timber veneer wall and ceiling finish holds all the variety of patterns, textures and colours together.

The play of colours was carried through in the master bedroom and the master bathroom in a subtler fashion. With introductions of greys, blacks, brown and yellow, the modern Chinese language takes on a much richer and robust aesthetic.