We form and collaborate with consultancy teams alongside architectural QPs, engineers quantity surveyors, and other consultants to design, develop and coordinate with building contractors to bring to reality buildings and spaces. All our main contractors are appointed via a tendering process. We seek a holistic creation of design and are insistent that all the interiors for our buildings are done by us. Read More


As our primary focus is design, we are a purely design orientated consultancy. We design, develop and assist clients in appointing their builders and contractors. We also involve ourselves fully and responsibly during the entire construction process by working closely alongside the builder and contractor. While we have a preference to work with carpenters and contractors we are familar and confident with, we are open to meeting and working with different people. We also provide services where we assist clients to select and procure loose furnishings. Read More


Furniture and products are the quintessential finishing touches in our projects. As such, we often desire to fabricate and custom make such items. We are currently working with carpenters on several prototypes and are keen to collaborate with like minded associates, clients and business partners. Read More


Holistic design requires total commitment. For our commercial clients, we not only do architecture and condo interiors, we also seek to provide a full scope of various graphic design services necessary for their complete and effective operations.