By January 16, 2018Projects


3 680 sq ft Residential Show Unit – 3 storeys semi-detached landed housing

The brief called for a showunit to represent the lifestyles and needs of an affluent young family that comprised of a well travelled and well educated couple. The couple has 2 kids. An older son and a younger daughter. The preference for suburban living is the preference for a quieter and more spacious lifestyle.

We began the design with an emphasis on a very cosmopolitan and contemporary aesthetic. Walnut timber hues paired with pastel colors. Geometric shapes paired with natural textures and nature inspired motifs. We brought a vibrant and contemporary aesthetic as the main chassis for the design. We paired this aesthetic with a myriad of cosmopolitan influences such as modern classic scandinavian consoles, classical french wall motifs, british 70s art deco wallpaper and traditional chinese antique furniture. All this in an attempt to portray the eclectic influences and casual affluence of the residents.

Style and color are utilised to effect a chic, casual and comfortable environment. We brought in furniture from numerous well know international retailers e.g: de la espada Box Sofa, Bludot Sofa, Grafunkt bed, Boconcept Nendo lounge chair and much more.

The resultant is a unique combination of chic, style and global sensibilities.