By January 16, 2018Projects


Exterior +  Interior Design

8 400 sq ft_02 units of Detached Bungalows – in collaboration with SL Architects

We masterplanned the existing site to create 02 similar units that are well spaced from each other and potential neighbours. Exploiting the differences in terrain, both units are given a basement carpark entry. The resultant garden space available for both units is a luxurious L shape garden that envelopes the living, dining and dry kitchen.

The 1st storey is enclosed with full height glass panels. The upper volume of the building that houses all the bedrooms is expressed as a single and continuous extrusion that is reminiscent of a familiar and domestic shape. Facades facing the sun are rendered with minimum apertures while the larger fenestrations are orientated on facades facing the pools. Finally, a double layered metal screen with varying tonality is added as a primary feature on the North South facing elevations.