By January 16, 2018Projects


Interior Design

3 600 sq ft cinema 




For the newest cinema outlet belonging to Filmgarde Cineplexes, Studio XMSL wanted to capture the joy and excitement of a pre-movie experience. We imagined creating a warm, friendly and dynamic atmosphere to encourage pre-movie activities and interactions.

We began the design process by mapping out on plan potential traffic movement, documenting site-based visual lines and proposing areas of congregation and interaction. With these set up, we conceived a dynamic interplay of lines coupled with a strong angular design language. We applied this on plan and across the details of the floor patterns and ceiling design. The wall paneling and ceiling features further amplified the dynamism.

The entry experience into the halls begins with a steep climb up a dimly lit black stairway followed by a long linear corridor space with timber panels and LED signage. The design seeks to drum up a sense of anticipation and prior to entry into the cinema halls.