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Interior Design

28 000 sq ft Flagship office space

QIREN is an authorized representative of AIA Insurance Singapore. It is a team of insurance agents that number from three to four hundred. Their new office in Tampines, Singapore is approximately 28 000 sq ft. This new office is designed to be their new flagship office space and houses the following spaces.

Traditionally, Insurance agencies have little real purpose for a traditional office set up as the Insurance agents themselves are often out and about meeting clients, running road shows and attending events.


QIREN agency seeks to redefine what this office space should be. The office space seeks to cater for the following opportunities.

-The new office is now utilized as a pivotal meeting destination for clients to meet with their agents and enjoy the amenities a centralized flagship office space can offer.

-The new office also doubles as an event space for seminars, workshops, children programs and recruitment drives that are often central and critical to the success of various insurance policies and strategies.

-The new office is also planned to be a meaningful and inspiring workspace for the millennial generation. Agents are no longer provided with a fixed table, they are provided with cool and inspiring spaces to hot-desk and to work and interact alongside other agents.

-The new office also serves as a physical embodiment of the strength and character of QIREN agency as a forward thinking and fast growing financial institution that seeks to be highly relevant in contemporary society.

User Group Zoning:

The spaces were split based on their programmatic needs and the target use groups that these spaces were designed to serve. The entire office space was spilt into the following spaces:

-Business Centre
-Common Working Space
-Seminar Rooms
-Director’s Only
-Manager & Admin Areas

Programmatic Insertion:

Amenities previously unheard of within an insurance agency space were deliberately inserted into the office space as key pivotal spaces. These spaces infused a new dynamism and vitality that allowed for increased interaction and visibility.

-A full sized Café & Bar
-Gymnasium with professional gym equipment
-Amphitheatre and Library
-Theatre Room with full AV capabilities
-VIP Lounge

Central Spine:

Common Space for Hot-desking & Interaction / Discussion Area is designed to be a vibrant and dynamic central spine. This was inserted into the main office space to tie the various different elements into a singular experience.

The central spine begins at the reception and ends at the amphitheater.


The QIREN agency office space is a redefined office typology for the insurance companies that seek to succeed and grow in contemporary society.