Studio XMSL is adept in the design of your built environment. Founded in June 2009, we are an award winning design office that is currently working on a wide variety of building & interior design projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan. XTRAMINISUPERLARGE is the philosophy that Studio XMSL operates with.

As designers of the built environment, we are interested in contributing holistically to the built environment and are thus keen to work on varying scales: from xtra mini to super large kinds of projects.

We believe in giving our best for all our clients and as such we cherish every xtra mini opportunity and seek to deliver super large design value.

In this present day and age, we believe in creative collaborations and good relationships. While our operations maybe xtra mini, we believe that with a super large network of creatives, contractors, consultants and clients, we hope to maintain a high creative output.

Today we are xtra mini, some day we hope to become super large.